How to Use AppRadio Pioneer: Stay Connected and Safe While Driving

The Pioneer AppRadio mode app is designed to help you stay connected and safe while driving. With this app, you can access all the apps you need on a large high-resolution touchscreen, without having to touch your phone. Whether you have an AVH-X7500BT or an AVH-X8500BT multimedia receiver, an AVIC-F950BT navigation system, or the AppRadio without radio mode onboard, your car entertainment is lifted to a whole new level.

To get started, you need to download the AppRadio mode app on the App Store or Play Store and link your smartphone to the Pioneer head unit. If you have an Android phone, start up the head unit, and it will grab your smartphone within seconds after using Bluetooth. When it’s done, you’ll find the smartphone in the notification bar above the red circle, and the apps icon is now activated on your home screen. You can use the apps just by hitting the app icon on your head unit.

If you have an iPhone 5, 4, or 4s, clicking the AppRadio mode on the head unit will trigger a pop-up on your iPhone, even when it’s locked. Accept it, and you’re off. Now you’re ready to roll app app and away, because we’ve got all the apps you could dream of.

Of course, there’s the AppRadio app, your trusted app guide, which launches your favorite apps, informs you on updates, and keeps you posted on new great apps. There are also apps for playing music or listening to your favorite internet radio stations, like Or Pio, which helps you set up your internet radio station based on your preferred genre. Car Media Player delves into your smartphone’s music or video lists and unlocks them on your dashboard. Mix Tracks grabs your iPhone tracks to mix them into a non-stop music stream with DJ effects plugged into your mood.

For navigation, INRIX checks traffic and speed cams for you and chooses the optimal route. Navigate Drive uses the power of your connected iPhone and navigates you using Google local search and live traffic content. NDrive is free and navigates you using maps you downloaded on your Android or iPhone. Waze uses online maps to get you to your destination faster.

If you want to surf the net looking up facts and data along the way, you can use Car Browser, which gives you all the features you’ve come to expect from your opera browser. You can also watch YouTube movies or access your Twitter or Facebook on EC Touch, but only when parked for your safety.

Android users can use the popular Maxthon Browser to surf the net or get on YouTube. You can arrange all these beauties just the way you like them, arranged for comfort by name or by color to match your mood or dashboard.

If you need more, you can visit AppRadio mode com, download all you need, tune in, setup, drive on, and app safe. With the Pioneer AppRadio mode app, you can stay connected and safe while driving and enjoy all the apps you need.