How to Use Aluratek Digital Photo Frame: The Evolution of Photo Transferring

Aluratek, a company known for its digital photo frames, has revolutionized the way we transfer photos from our cameras to the frame. In the past, we had to remove the SD card or transfer the pictures from our computer to the frame using a USB thumb drive. But with the latest technology, we can now use Wi-Fi technology and our smartphones to make the process much easier.

These new Wi-Fi digital photo frames come in three different screen sizes: 8 inch, 10 inch, and 17 inch. All three incorporate touch screen technology, making it easy to navigate through the photos and pictures. When you take the frame out of the box, you need to go into the settings and Wi-Fi settings and search for the wireless router you want to use to connect your frame. Once you’ve selected the router, you can enter your passcode and you’re connected.

The device ID on the frame is what you’ll use to enter onto the Wi-Fi digital photo frame app that you’ll download from either Android or the iOS App Store. This makes it easy to take pictures anywhere, like in Hawaii, and send them back home to your loved ones. You can instantly start taking and sharing photos and sending them over to the printer. You can also customize the frames with certain phrases like “wish you were here” or “miss you.”

The touch screens make it easy to transfer photos from your smartphone or tablet over to these new Wi-Fi integrated digital photo frames. You can zoom in, pinch and zoom out, and connect to multiple frames. You can transfer one photo from your iPhone to a frame at Mom’s house, Dad’s house, or Grandma’s house, theoretically to an unlimited number of frames.

The ease of use and transfer make these digital photo frames fun to use. You can have a lot of fun with it and enjoy transferring your photos this way.