How to Use Akai MPK Mini Without a Computer

Are you looking for a simple looping setup that allows you to add keys with lots of sounds and drum pads without having to plug it into a computer? Look no further than the Akai MPK Mini Play. This device does the job perfectly and is easy to use.

To set up the Akai MPK Mini Play, you will need a cable that connects a three-point mil phono jack to a standard instrument connection. You can purchase this cable online, and a link will be provided in the description. Once you have the cable, simply plug one end into the headphone input on the MPK Mini Play and the other end into your chosen instrument.

In the video, the MPK Mini Play is plugged into a guitar in the TC Helicon, which is then plugged into a Boss RC 600 Loop Station, a TC Helicopter Cue Stick, a Boss FS7 Foot Switch, and a V Express Expression Pedal on a Nooks Bumblebee Large Pedal Board. The MPK Mini Play runs on battery power and is connected to a Boss Street Cube 2 Amp.

Once the MPK Mini Play is set up, you can utilize the drum pads and keys to add different sounds and loops to your music. There are hundreds of different sounds available to choose from, and you can change them easily. The sound quality is excellent, and the drum pads have a great feel.

Overall, the Akai MPK Mini Play is a brilliant bit of kit that allows you to create loops without the need for a computer. It is easy to set up, has a great sound quality, and is perfect for musicians who want to add different sounds and loops to their music.