How to Update a HP Laptop

If you’re experiencing slowness or glitches with your HP laptop, the first thing an IT guy will advise you to do is to check if your laptop is updated. In this article, we will show you how to manually initiate your updates and update your computer to ensure it’s running smoothly.

To begin, go to your desktop and locate the search bar on the left side of your screen. Type in “updates” and click on the “check for updates” system setting that pops up.

This will take you to the Windows Update screen that shows you all the available updates. If it says that no updates are available or that you’re all updated, always click the “check for updates” button to manually check for updates. Sometimes the system lies to you, so it’s best to double-check.

Once you click the button, you’ll see a list of available updates. Scroll down to ensure that all updates are processing. If none are processing, you’ll see a button that says “download,” which you’ll need to click to initiate the download process.

Updating your computer can take a while, depending on how many updates you have. Some updates can go through with no problems, while others may require your computer to restart. If your computer needs to restart, a dialog box will prompt you to do so. Just hit “restart” and let the updates continue.

When your computer restarts, go back to the “updates” screen and process the remaining updates. Once you’ve updated all the available updates, you’re good to go!

It’s important to keep your computer updated to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible. Now that you know how to update your HP laptop, you can do it regularly and avoid any issues with slowness or glitches.

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