How to Uninstall Epic Games Launcher from Your Windows Computer

How to Uninstall Epic Games Launcher on PC Quit Epic Games Launcher with Task Manager. Search Control Panel in the search box next to the Start Menu. In the Control Panel window, click Programs >, Programs and Features. Locate the Epic Games Launcher, right-click on it, click Uninstall, and confirm your removal,

If you are reading this, it is likely that you want to know how to uninstall Epic Games Launcher from your Windows computer. This tutorial will guide you through the process of removing it from your system.

Firstly, open up the Start menu and type in “Control Panel.” Once the best result comes back with “Control Panel,” left-click on it. Then, set your view to “Large Icons” and select “Programs and Features.” Here, you will find two Epic Game services. You can uninstall both of them if you choose, but we are going to start with the Epic Games Launcher. Select “Uninstall” and it will ask you if you are sure you want to proceed. Click “Yes.”

If Epic Games Launcher is currently running, it will ask you to close it before continuing. If this is the case, right-click on your taskbar and select “Task Manager.” Under the “Background Processes” tab, locate the Epic Games Launcher and select “End Task.” Click “Close” and try to uninstall it once again. Select “Yes” when prompted.

If you encounter an issue where the Epic Games Launcher is still running after closing it through Task Manager, this tutorial has you covered. By following the above steps, you should be able to remove it from your system without any issues.

Once the Epic Games Launcher has been uninstalled, you can also choose to uninstall the online services one as well. Select “Yes” and restart your computer. Congratulations! Epic Games Launcher is now removed from your system.

In conclusion, the process of uninstalling Epic Games Launcher is a pretty straightforward one. By following these simple steps, you should be able to remove it from your system without any trouble. We hope that this tutorial has been helpful for you and we look forward to seeing you in the next one.


How do I completely delete Epic Games launcher?
On Windows, open the Control Panel. Click "Uninstall a program" → "Epic Games Launcher" → "Uninstall". On Mac, open the Finder. Click "Applications" → right-click "Epic Games Launcher" → "Move to Trash/Bin".
Why am i not able to uninstall Epic Games Launcher?
Epic Games Launcher uninstall errors can arise due to background program locks or simply because the game launcher is still running in the background. To successfully uninstall the Epic Games Launcher when the default Windows uninstaller doesn't remove it, we recommend you try a third-party utility.
How do I uninstall Epic Games Launcher on Windows 10 laptop?
Click the Start Menu.Hover over Control Panel. ... Click Programs and Features. ... Right-Click Epic Games Launcher.Click Uninstall. ... Press the “Yes” button.The app has already been removed.
What happens if you uninstall Epic Games launcher?
Like with Windows 10, uninstalling the Epic Games Launcher also removes all installed games from your system. It does not delete your Epic Games account. Click Finder on the Dock. Click Applications.