How to Uninstall an App on Samsung Smart TV

1 From the Smart Hub panel, select Apps. 2 Select My Apps. 3 Select the Options icon on the top of the screen. 4 Select Delete My Apps from the options menu. 5 Select the app that you want to remove. 6 Select Delete at the top of the screen. 7 To confirm the delete, select Yes. More items... •

Are you having trouble figuring out how to uninstall an app on your Samsung Smart TV? Worry no more, because in this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps on how to successfully achieve this task.

Firstly, to access your apps, navigate to the four circles as a square on your remote. From there, you can scroll through the various apps, but to uninstall an app, you need to go to the settings option. Move up using the remote until you see the section above highlighted. Then, go over past search and down to settings. Here, you will see your space and the apps installed on your device.

Keep in mind that some apps cannot be deleted, especially those with KMS default. However, any third-party apps or fresh apps that you install can be found in the settings. For example, if you want to uninstall an app, locate it in the settings and select the delete option.

Furthermore, if you want to add an app to the home screen, you can do so from the apps section. You can also remove apps from the home screen by selecting the remove option.

In conclusion, customizing your Samsung Smart TV is easy once you know the steps. You can add or remove apps, uninstall unwanted apps, and organize your home screen with ease. We hope this tutorial has been helpful and that you can now navigate your Samsung Smart TV with confidence.


How do I uninstall and reinstall an app on my Samsung Smart TV?
Press the Home button on your remote and scroll down to Apps. Go to Settings, navigate to the app, then select Delete. (If Delete is grayed out, it's not available to delete. Select Reinstall.)
Why can't I delete apps on my Samsung Smart TV?
Now that you know how to uninstall apps from older and newer Samsung Smart TVs, you might wonder if it's possible to delete all apps. Sadly, you can only delete the apps you install. The pre-installed apps can't be removed because the 'Delete' option is disabled. These are usually Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
How do I completely delete an app from my Samsung?
1 Head into your Settings >, select Apps.2 Locate and select the app you would like to uninstall.3 Tap on Uninstall then tap OK to confirm action.