How to Turn the Ringer Off on MacBook

Are you someone who likes to keep the sound on their MacBook on at all times? While the little ping of receiving an email or sending an email can be helpful, it can also be distracting in certain situations such as when you’re hosting a webinar or in a conference call where an audience needs to hear you. In such cases, it’s best to turn off sound notifications for your email or your calendar or other alerts.

In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to turn off sound notifications for different applications on your MacBook. First, you need to go to your computer settings. On your Mac, you can go down to your setting preferences on your dock or via your Launchpad. Once you open up the settings, you can go to notifications and then choose the different items you might get notifications for. Uncheck the play sound for notifications button for anything that you have notification set up on, such as messages or even updates to Microsoft PowerPoint or Word.

Next, you need to turn off the notification sound for your email platform or server. This can be done through Gmail or also for Outlook. In this case, we’ll use Outlook. Go up to the little outlook menu and go to preferences and then again to notifications and it sounds. This can be easily turned off or on with a checkbox. If it’s checked like this, then you will get a sound alert for a new message. If you uncheck it, you will not.

Once you’re done with all the settings, you can close out of them. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. You can easily switch it on or off depending on the use of your computer that day and whether or not you’re able to be muted or if it’s just to you on your own or if you’re virtually communicating with other people.

We hope this tutorial helped you turn off sound notifications for your email or your calendar or other alerts. If you have any questions or other tips, feel free to share them in the comments below.