How to Turn Off Subtitles on Apple TV

If you don't want automatic subtitles and you're using an Apple TV, go to Settings >, Video and Audio, then turn off Automatic Subtitles . If you're using a smart TV or streaming device, go to Settings >, General, then turn off Automatic Subtitles.

Subtitles can be very helpful in understanding what is happening in a show or movie, especially if it is not in your native language. However, sometimes they can be distracting or unnecessary. Fortunately, turning off subtitles on Apple TV is a quick and easy process.

To turn off subtitles, first, go to the show or movie you are watching. Then, scroll down on your remote control until you see the “Subtitles” option. From there, scroll to the right to see all the language options available for that particular series.

To turn off subtitles, scroll down again and select “Off,” which is the very last option on the left-hand side. Once you have selected “Off,” there will no longer be any subtitles.

If you want to turn on subtitles again, simply follow the same steps and select the language of your choice.

It is important to note that the number of subtitle options available may vary depending on the show or movie you are watching. Some may have more language options than others.

In conclusion, turning off subtitles on Apple TV is a simple process that can be done in just a few clicks. Whether you find them distracting or unnecessary, it is always good to know how to turn them off when needed.


Why can I not turn off subtitles on Apple TV?
Its not in settings. While watching a movie or show in the Apple Tv app, press the down button or down direction on the remote's navigation pad / control to bring up the language options. During playback, press the down button on the smart TV or streaming device remote to show the Subtitles pane, then select an option.
How do I turn subtitles on with Apple TV?
Go to Settings and choose Accessibility.Under Hearing, choose Subtitles and Captioning.Choose "Closed Captions + SDH" to turn it on.To customise captions and subtitles, choose Style, then select an option.
How do I turn off subtitles on ABC app on Apple TV?
From the Apple TV home page, select Settings. Select Accessibility. Select Subtitles and Captioning. Select Closed Captions + SDH to turn them on and off.