How to Turn Off Rain in Minecraft

Enter the command /weather clear . In a few seconds, the weather will transition from rainy to sunny.

Are you tired of constant rain in Minecraft? Do you wish for clear skies or any other weather condition? Well, good news! It’s straightforward to turn off the rain in Minecraft forever. In this guide, we will show you how to do it.

First, open the chat and commands section by pressing right on your D-pad. Then, select the slash on the bottom left side of the screen. Scroll down to “weather” and choose the weather you want. For example, select “clear” to clear the weather. Once it’s in the chat and commands window, press square to change the weather.

To set it to always clear, press “options” on your controller, then go down to “settings” and select “game” under world. Scroll down to “cheats” and make sure they are activated. Then, under the list, scroll down to “weather cycle.” Turn off the weather cycle, and you will never experience rainy or thunderstorm weather again.

This process works for Minecraft on the Playstation 5 edition, Xbox, PC, or even Switch. It’s that easy!

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How can we stop rainfall?
Install Outdoor Blinds. ... Install Sliding Glass Shutters. ... Install A Roof Cover. ... Install A Retractable Awning. ... Use Bamboo Chik Blinds.
What is the command to clear the weather in Minecraft?
Players who have cheats enabled can change the current weather if they wish, by entering one of the following commands: /weather rain [<,duration>,] or /weather thunder [<,duration>,] , and /weather clear [<,duration>,] to clear the inclement weather.
How do you stop rain and snow in Minecraft?
You can use the /weather command to change between weather cycles at any time (clear, rain, thunder or snow) for a Minecraft world.