How to Turn Off PCM on Yamaha Receiver

If you encounter an issue where your Yamaha receiver displays “decoder off” and “PCM” with no option to fix it, the only solution is to factory reset the AV receiver. This guide will show you how to do it.

To reset the receiver, you need to find the “Straight” button and hold it down. While holding it, hold down the power button while the receiver is turned off. Release both buttons and turn the program dial anti-clockwise for one click. This will initialize the receiver, and it will display “Cancel Me.”

To reset the receiver, go back to the “Straight” button and click through the options until it says “All.” This will reset everything, including the parameters and video settings. Once you’ve selected “All,” turn off the receiver and then turn it back on. This will reset everything, and the PCM and decoder off text will be removed.

If you want to exit the menu, go back to “Cancel,” turn off the receiver, and then turn it back on. Everything will be back to normal.

Note that this guide is specifically for Yamaha receivers, and it may not work for other models. If you’re experiencing issues with your receiver, try this factory reset solution, and it should solve the problem.