How to Turn Off Blurred Background on Facetime

Apple’s recent update to iOS 15 brings a new feature to Facetime that allows users to blur the background while on a call. This feature, called Facetime Portrait Mode, works only with the front-facing camera and helps to put the focus on the user while reducing distractions behind them by blurring the background. The good news is that this feature isn’t limited to Facetime alone. It also works with other applications like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

If you’re using an iPhone with iOS 15, you can get the blurred background look while creating an Instagram or Facebook story in selfie video mode. Similarly, you can get the blurred background portrait mode while doing a video call on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The technology used in Facetime Portrait Mode is the same as that of iPhone 13’s new cinematic mode.

To activate Facetime Portrait Mode, first, you need to have installed iOS 15 on your iPhone or iPad. Open the Facetime app, and you’ll notice that the interface has completely changed. It now gives you an option to create a new Facetime call, choose from a list of recent calls, and the ability to create a link.

To activate Portrait Mode, swipe to open the control center within the Facetime app. You will notice two new options at the top – Effects and Mic Mode. Tap Effects, and you can activate Portrait Mode. When you go back to Facetime, Portrait Mode is ready to use.

You can also toggle Portrait Mode during a Facetime call quickly. When you’re on a call, you can see your preview video in the bottom right corner. Tap that to enlarge it, and in the top left, there is a toggle for Portrait Mode. Tap it to turn on and off.

The Facetime Portrait Mode also works with other effects, so you can choose an emoji or other effects and still have the blurred background. You can also use this feature on many other video and messaging applications like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, TikTok hasn’t yet adopted this feature, but we hope to see that soon. It would be great to have a portrait mode toggle switch directly inside each of these apps.

In conclusion, Facetime Portrait Mode is an exciting new feature that allows users to blur the background while on a call. It’s easy to activate and works well with other effects. Try swiping into the control center on your favorite app to see if it’s supported. Watch out for other fantastic features like Live Text, which was rolled out in Apple iOS 15.