How to Turn Off Alexa with Voice Command

Amazon’s Echo Show is a great device with many voice-activated features that can be enabled or disabled with a voice command. However, sometimes you just want to turn off the microphone for privacy or any other reason. The good news is that Amazon makes it quite easy to do so.

To turn on and off the microphone for your Amazon Echo Show, you can use the mic toggle button on the top of the device. Once you see the button in black, that means the microphone is on. If you click the button, a red light and a red strip at the bottom of the device will appear, indicating that the microphone is now disabled.

Once the microphone is disabled, you can say the command word, but the Echo Show won’t respond to it. This is a nice little feature that can be useful when you want to disable the microphone momentarily for something.

To turn the microphone back on, you just need to click the button again, and the red light and strip will disappear. You can then say the command word, and the Echo Show will respond to it.

Overall, turning off Alexa with voice command is an easy process that you can do whenever you want. This feature can be helpful for privacy or when you don’t want your device to respond to your voice commands.


What is the command to turn Alexa off?
Go to Settings.Select Accessibility.Turn Tap to Alexa off.
What happens if you tell Alexa to shut up?
Alexa Cancel or Stop and the alarm just keeps sounding, Tell her to shut up and you get immediate silence. Being nice to a machine is over personification of an inanimate object. Save it for people. Alexa literally shuts up.
How do I temporarily disable Alexa?
The Settings: Amazon Alexa Status screen displays. Press the Down arrow until “Disable Alexa” is highlighted.