How to Transfer Video from Camcorder to Computer

Connect an A/V cable to the A/V output jack of the camcorder. Connect the other end of the A/V cable to the A/V input jack on the video capture device. Turn on the camcorder to the VCR, VTR, or PLAYBACK mode. Cue the video in the camcorder to the beginning of the video footage to be transferred. Turn on the computer. More items... •

Are you tired of watching your home movies on a tiny camcorder screen? Want to edit and enhance your footage on a computer? It’s easier than you might think. With a firewire input on your computer and camcorder, transferring video is a breeze.

First, locate the firewire cable with two ends – a mini version and the standard firewire 400. Connect the mini end to your camcorder and the standard end to the firewire input on your computer.

Now, open your favorite video editing program, such as Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere. With firewire, your computer has full control over your camcorder, allowing you to pause, play, rewind, fast forward, and search without touching your device.

Simply rewind your footage, set it to record, and let your computer do the rest. The transfer will occur in real-time, so if you have an hour of footage, it will take an hour to record. Once it’s finished, burn a DVD or edit your footage to your heart’s content.

With this simple process, you can save and enhance your home movies for future generations to enjoy. So grab your camcorder, your firewire cable, and start transferring your memories today.