How to Transfer Music from Tablet to Phone Using Bluetooth

On each Android device, go to Settings >, Bluetooth, and ensure Bluetooth is turned on and the device is visible to others. On the Android device containing your music, open the Files app. Find your music files (these could be in an 'audio', 'music' folder or similar).

If you own an Android tablet and an Android mobile phone, you might want to consider using Bluetooth connectivity to transfer music. Bluetooth tethering is preferred over using a Wi-Fi hotspot because Wi-Fi hotspot consumes much slower lower power and in most cases, is simpler to start with, and also faster to connect to the internet. In this blog post, we will take you through the steps to connect your Android tablet to your Android mobile phone using Bluetooth connectivity.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that both devices are Bluetooth enabled. For Bluetooth tethering, you need a phone with Android OS, and Android tablet cannot tether to a non-Android phone unless you have a third-party app. Once you have ensured that both devices are Bluetooth enabled, go to settings on the tablet, click on Bluetooth, and click on the phone that you want to use for tethering.

Next, click on the settings, and you will see an option for internet access. Click on it and check the box for internet access. Once this is done, you will receive a notification on the phone requesting authorization to access the internet. Allow access, and the tablet will be connected.

To start the process, go to the phone, turn on Bluetooth, and ensure that Bluetooth tethering is on. Then, turn on the data connection. Go back to the tablet, go to settings, click on Bluetooth, and click on the phone that you want to use for tethering. Click on the settings, select the option for internet access, and check the box. Once this is done, the tablet will connect to the phone, and you will have internet access.

The connection will be automatically closed if you are within range of an on wireless network. If you use this option frequently, you may want to place the shortcuts to these settings on the home screen itself. For that, go to the widgets and find the settings widget. You will find different options that you can select based on what you want to do.

In conclusion, Bluetooth tethering is a great way to transfer music from your Android tablet to your Android mobile phone. It is easy to set up and use, and it does not consume much power. If you follow the steps outlined in this blog post, you should be able to connect your devices in no time.


How to transfer music from Android to Android using Bluetooth?
Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth on both Android. First of all, turn on the Bluetooth on both Android Phones and make sure both of them are paired with each other using Bluetooth.Step 2: Choose what you want to transfer to Android. ... Step 3: Start Bluetooth music transfer now.
How do I transfer music from my Samsung tablet to my Samsung phone?
First of all keep the two Samsung devices close and launch the Smart Switch app if you have installed it.On the source Samsung phone, tap on “Wireless” followed by “Send”. ... On the target Samsung phone, tap “Wireless” and tap “Receive”.
How to transfer music from iPad to Android phone using Bluetooth?
Go to “Settings” on both phones.On your iPad, turn on “Bluetooth” button to search for nearby devices.Turn on Bluetooth on Android and it will be detected by iPad.Now you can choose a songs you'd like to share and send to the Android phone easily.