How to Transfer Favorites from One Garmin to Another

Transferring favorites from one Garmin Nuvi Drive or Drive Smart to another is a relatively easy process if you have the right tools. You will need the Basecamp software to do this, which you can download for free from Once you have that installed, you can get started.

Before we dive in, there are a couple of assumptions we need to make. First, we assume that you have Garmin Express already installed, with the appropriate Garmin USB drivers. Second, we assume that you have downloaded maps, although having just the standard global map is sufficient for copying one set of favorites from one Nuvi to another.

To get started, plug in the Nuvi you want to copy the favorites from via USB. Once Windows detects the device, it will also be detected by Basecamp. You should see a bunch of options, including the regular library, and the internal storage of your Garmin device.

In order to copy your favorites, you will need to create a new list in Basecamp. To do this, click on “Unlisted Data” and then “File,” followed by “New List.” Call it “Favorites.” Then, go to the internal storage of your Garmin device, click once and then select “Edit” and “Select All.” Click “Edit” again and then “Copy.” Next, click on the “Favorites” list (which is empty at the moment) and select “Edit” and then “Paste.” Your favorites should now be copied to the list.

While the “Favorites” list is highlighted, click on “Home” and then “Edit.” You can remove any unwanted favorites here, but remember that if you copy a home location from one Nuvi to another, it won’t necessarily assign itself to the home button on the main menu of the new Garmin device. You may have to reassign it.

Assuming you want to transfer your favorites to a different Garmin device, unplug the Nuvi and plug in the new device. Open Basecamp again and make sure you’re on the “Favorites” list. Click “Edit” and then “Select All.” Next, go to “Device,” then “Send To Device,” and finally “Send Favorites to Device.” Select the name of the device you want to copy the favorites to and click “OK.” The transfer should only take a few seconds.

Once the transfer is complete, you can manage your favorites in Basecamp. This means that whenever you need to copy them from one device to another, you can do so with ease. Unlike online mapping systems, which can sometimes lose your favorites, you can rest assured that your favorites will always be there when you need them.

In summary, transferring favorites from one Garmin device to another is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with the help of Basecamp. Just follow the steps outlined above, and you’ll be able to keep your favorites with you wherever you go.