How to Text in Spanish on iPhone: Typing in Multiple Languages Made Easy

Switch between languages On your iPhone or iPad, open any app that you can type with, like Gmail or Keep. Tap where you can enter text. At the bottom of the keyboard, touch and hold Globe . Tap the language you want to use.

If you’re someone who speaks more than one language and frequently uses an iPhone, then you know the struggle of switching between keyboards to type in different languages. But did you know that iOS 10 has made it easier to type in multiple languages on your iPhone?

To start, you can add additional keyboards by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and clicking “Add New Keyboard.” You’ll see a list of suggested options for keyboards and all the additional languages that iOS supports. Once you’ve chosen a language, you can go to any application where you want to type in that language.

When you tap the text input field, you’ll see a globe icon at the bottom of the screen next to dictation. The globe icon allows you to tap and hold and choose a different keyboard. For example, if you have Spanish selected, you’ll immediately see that the autocorrect options have changed to the Spanish language, and you’ll be able to type and punctuate properly with a language of your choice.

One of the newest features of iOS 10 regarding language usage is that you don’t always have to switch back and forth to a different keyboard. Once you have selected an option, you can go back to the English default and still type in Spanish. You’ll then see prompts change depending on what word you used initially in the sentence.

While there may be some differences between using the international keyboard of choice and the default English method, iOS can learn what your typing method is and what language you tend to be typing in. So, if you frequently use multiple languages when sending messages and having conversations, iOS 10 does a pretty good job of sensing when those languages are being used and trying to accommodate in the best way possible.

Apple has done a great job of trying to accommodate all these different languages, and we hope you found this helpful. Happy typing!


How can I change my text to Spanish?
Find and tap Settings → System → Languages &, input → On-screen keyboard → Gboard → Languages → All languages.Find and tap the language you wish to add.Swipe right or left to find, and then tap, the keyboard layout you wish to use for the new language.
How do I type on both Spanish and English keyboard on iPhone?
Go to Settings >, General >, Keyboard >, Keyboards. Tap a language at the top of the screen, then select an alternative layout from the list.
How do I send a message from English to Spanish?
Launch the "Messages" app and begin typing a new text message as you normally would. When you want to text in a different language, tap the globe button located on the left side of the space bar. This button toggles your keyboard through the list of keyboards you have selected.