How to Tell if Your TV Has HDR

With the rise of 4k Smart TVs, High Dynamic Range (HDR) has become a popular feature among gamers and movie enthusiasts. HDR enhances the contrast and color of the images on your screen and provides a more realistic viewing experience. However, not all TVs come with HDR, and it can be challenging to confirm if your TV has it.

If you own a Samsung 4k Smart TV and want to know if it has HDR, there is a simple way to confirm it. First, make sure that the source of your input is 4k HDR, like an Apple 4k TV. Once you have connected your device to the TV, hit the info button on your remote control. You will see a banner at the top of the screen that displays the TV’s model, input source, refresh rate, and HDR status.

If your TV has HDR, you will see “HDR” and “UHD” together, indicating that the TV is in HDR mode. It is essential to note that the TV will not show HDR if the source is not HDR. Therefore, you need to ensure that your input source supports HDR content.

It is worth noting that the above method only works when you are using external devices. When you use the TV’s smart apps, it will automatically adjust to the settings that the app supports, and you won’t have to worry about the settings.

In conclusion, HDR is a fantastic feature that enhances your viewing experience, and if you own a Samsung 4k Smart TV, it is crucial to confirm if it has HDR. With the above method, you can check if your TV has HDR in a few simple steps.