How to Take Off an OtterBox Case: Installation and Removal Made Easy

OtterBox Defender protective cases are known for their high quality and immense protection that they offer for smartphones. However, these cases can be fiddly and notoriously difficult to take on and off. In this article, we will take you through the installation and removal process of OtterBox Defender protective cases so that you can give your phone the ultimate 360 protection from anything that life throws at it.

To begin with, we will take you through the installation steps. It is very quick and easy and only takes two to three steps to complete. Before we start, let us lay out all of the sections clearly so that we know what we are working with. The OtterBox Defender protective case has three parts: the outer rubber shell and the two-part inner frame that houses the phone.

Step 1: Start with the bottom half of the frame lined flat on the table and place the phone in the tray facing up. Now take the top part of the frame and place it over the top of the phone. As you will see along the sides, the frame has a series of clips along the edges, indicated by the arrows on the back. Each clip matches up with the upper frame to lock the phone into place. Working your way around the edges, push each clip into place, making sure that they are all locked down.

Step 2: Take the outer rubber shell and place the phone inside the casing, starting with the top end first before pushing the bottom half into place. To seal the outer shell around the inner frame, push the phone into the base from the bottom first before gently pushing the edges in and over the lip around the screen.

Step 3: Check all the buttons and ports are positioned correctly inside the rubber casing by pushing in all of the disk caps and checking all of the button covers are in place.

Now you have a completely protective phone that gives the ultimate 360 protection from anything that life throws at it. But if there comes a time where you need to remove the case, it is just as simple as putting it on but in reverse order.

Step 1: Use your finger to pry away the outer shell along the seam that runs the length of the screen. It is best to start from the bottom near the ports and work your way around it pulling it away bit by bit. If you struggle to get under the outer shell, you can always pop out the charging port dust cover and use this to lift it away as a starting point.

Step 2: Now you have the outer shell off, you need to undo all of the catches along the edge. To do this, start on one side and begin lifting the catch from the bottom to release the top frame, using a finger or a coin to help ease it apart.

Step 3: Once the frame is loose, lift it away and take the phone from the bottom of the tray. You can now click the frame back together and reattach the outer shell for easy storage.

The OtterBox Defender Series comes in various styles depending on what phone you have, but the installation process is always the same from phone to phone. We hope this article has helped you in taking off the OtterBox case with ease. If you are looking to buy an OtterBox Defender protective case, we will be leaving links in the description below for the OtterBox Defender seen in this article demonstrated on both the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note templates.