How to Share Passwords from Mac to iPhone

In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari >, Settings, then click Passwords. Enter your password (or, if your Mac or Apple keyboard has Touch ID, you can use Touch ID). Control-click the website with the password you want to share, then choose Share with AirDrop.

Sharing passwords with friends, family, or colleagues can be a hassle, but fortunately, it is easy to do with Apple devices. In this article, we will walk you through the process of sharing passwords from your Mac to your iPhone.

Apple’s preferred method for sharing passwords between two Apple devices is using Airdrop. To use this method, you need to meet specific security requirements. To share your password on your iPhone or iPad, open settings, scroll down to passwords, and choose the account you want to share. Tap on the share icon and select the contact you want to Airdrop.

The person receiving the password needs to be discoverable in Airdrop, and both parties must have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. You also need to have keychain enabled in your iCloud settings, and you both must have each other listed as a contact on each other’s device.

If you don’t meet these requirements or don’t want to use Airdrop, you can copy the password and share it using an encrypted messaging app, such as WhatsApp or Signal.

If you want to share all your passwords, you can only do this on Mac, not on an iPhone or iPad. Open the settings app, choose passwords, and select the drop-down menu option to import and export all passwords. Exporting will save all your passwords into a CSV file, which is unencrypted in plain text.

In conclusion, sharing passwords between your Mac and iPhone is easy using Airdrop or encrypted messaging apps. Additionally, you can export all your passwords into a CSV file on your Mac to share them with others.


How do I share passwords between Apple devices?
On your iPhone, go to Settings >, Passwords. Tap the account you want to share. , then select the device or picture of the person you want to send the passkey or password to.
Can I access my Mac passwords on iPhone?
Apple stores these passwords alongside secure notes, certificates, and keys locally in Keychain Access, but if you enable iCloud Keychain – a neat feature of iOS and macOS – you'll have access to all of the stored information since it is synced automatically across all trusted devices.
Can I transfer passwords to new phone?
You can sign in to apps and sites on different devices using passwords saved to your Google Account when you either: Turn on sync in Chrome on Android.