How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 13

Set up voicemail From the Home screen, tap Phone >, Voicemail >, Set up now. Create your voicemail password. Choose your greeting: Default: Standard greeting using your mobile number. Custom: Custom recorded greeting. Tap Record to record a new one. Tap Play to play the current one.

If you’re new to using an iPhone or if you have a new iPhone, you will most likely have to set up your voicemail for the first time. Here’s how you can do it and troubleshoot any problems.

On your iPhone’s home page, click the green phone icon on the bottom of the page. On this page, on the very bottom, you want to go to voicemail which is in the corner. Click the voicemail option and if it’s your first time on this page, you’ll get an option in the center of the screen to set up your voicemail. Click this option and type in a 4 to 6 digit password.

Once you do that, it brings you to the greeting page and here you have two different options. You could do the default greeting which is just the one that Apple has recorded that says “you’ve reached someone’s voicemail” or the custom one is the one that you want to select to basically record your own. In order to do that all you have to do is press record right here and go ahead and speak your voicemail here what you want other people to hear. Once you’re satisfied you could press stop and then you could go ahead and press play to listen to it to make sure you’re satisfied with it. Press stop one more time and when you’re satisfied with everything you could press save right on top.

Now when people call you they’ll hear that greeting and then they could record their voicemail after the beep and it will appear here on the voicemail page where you could just tap it and listen to it.

If you don’t see the option that we mentioned with greetings and recording your own voicemail, there is a chance that your cell phone plan doesn’t have voicemail included. Some plans don’t have that by default and it’s an add-on so you’ll have to call your service provider. You can simply call them or go to their website and make sure you add voicemail to your service plan. In most cases, that solves the problem if you don’t see the options that we mentioned in this post.

Now you know how to set up voicemail on iPhone 13. Thanks for reading!


Why can't I set up voicemail on my iPhone 13?
You might need to reset network settings on your iPhone, go to Settings >, General >, Reset >, Reset Network Settings. If visual voicemail isn't working, check Apple's list of wireless carriers to confirm support where you live.