How to See Inside Samsung Fridge and Keep Track of Your Food

Samsung’s view inside feature is a helpful tool that allows you to see what’s inside your fridge and even set reminders for when your food expires. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about forgetting what’s in your fridge, or letting food go bad. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to use the view inside feature and make the most out of your Samsung fridge.

To access view inside, simply tap on the option from the Home screen. A picture of the inside of your fridge will appear, and you can set a specific storage period by touching and holding on the number tag you want, dragging it to the item, and then letting go. You can also name your item by capping the number tag and entering the name of the food item. Once you’ve named your item, tap save.

If you have an item that needs a reminder for more than seven days, touch and hold on the plus tag and drag it to the item. A calendar will appear, and you can use this to select the end date for the storage period. Once you’ve made your selection, tap set. The fridge calculates the number of days and then displays the tag.

Creating a list of items is another option for setting a specific storage period. Simply tap the plus sign located on the bottom right of the screen, enter the name of the food item, select the number of days from the drop-down list, and then tap save. You can also choose the specific end date for the item by selecting the calendar icon. Once you’ve made your selections, tap set, and the number of days will now be displayed.

To save your food item to the list, tap save. Your items, along with the storage period, will now appear at the bottom of the screen, and you can easily scroll through the list to see what you may need to grab on your next visit to the grocery store. If you need to change a previously set storage period, tap the tags you want to change. You can change the days by selecting either “days” or “calendar,” and your newly created tags will now appear on your items.

If you notice an item you have will be expiring soon, you can easily add it to your shopping list. Simply tap on the menu icon located on the bottom left of the screen, then tap “go to shopping list.” Tap on the list and select “edit,” and you can add the items you may need to pick up the next time you’re out.

Samsung’s view inside feature is an excellent way to keep track of your food and avoid wasting it. With this simple guide, you can use your Samsung fridge to its fullest potential, and never forget what’s inside.