How to Save One Page of a PDF

Separate pages with a PDF reader. Open your PDF in Preview. Navigate to File >, Print. A new dialog box will appear. Under Pages, select the page number you want to save separately. From the dropdown, change from PDF to Save as PDF. Choose your desired location for the new file and select Save.

PDFs have been around since originally being developed in Adobe in 1993, making it a great way to store and view documents like brochures, contracts, newsletters, and more. With PDFs, there’s no need to worry about missing fonts or screwing up your formatting, since most PDFs are view-only, unwanted edits to the original file aren’t a risk.

If you’re looking through a longer document like a manual, you may want to just separate and save a single page for reference. Fortunately enough, the process to save a single page is fairly easy. Here’s how to do it:

Start by opening the document using any PDF viewer or browser. If you need a dedicated viewer, you could download one for free straight from Adobe. Simply drag and drop your file on an open tab to open your file on Chrome.

Once your document is open, scroll and find the page you want to save, taking note of the page number. From here, use the file menu to print the document.

If you’re on Windows, a printing menu will appear. Next to printer, click on the drop-down menu and select “Save to PDF,” “Microsoft print to PDF,” or any similar named option. Under your options for pages, set the page range to just the page you want to save, then click print. This will open a file explorer window for you to select the location and name for your file. Once those are set, then click on “Save.”

If you’re on Mac OS, set your pages, adjust the page you want to save first, then click on PDF pop-up menu on the printing window that shows up. From here, choose a name and location for your file and fill any additional information you wish to fill out. Once you’re done, just click “Save.”

In both cases, you’ll find your single page where you saved it as you named it. There’s no need to worry about complicated steps or spending too much time on it. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to save any page you need from your PDF.