How to Run Exe Files on Chromebook: 2 Methods

5. How To Run EXE Files On Chromebook Using Parallels Desktop App Step 1: Download &, Install Parallels Desktop for ChromeOS. Step 2: Download Windows Disc Image (. ... Step 3: Create a Windows Virtual Machine. ... Step 4: Start Parallax Desktop. Install "Parallels Tools" to add a set of Windows drivers. Open any .exe file.

If you’ve ever tried to install an exe file on a Chromebook, you know that it’s not always a straightforward process. Luckily, there are a couple of methods that you can use to get your favorite Windows applications up and running on your Chromebook.

Method 1: Using Crossover

The first method involves using a program called Crossover. Here’s how to do it:

1. Enable Linux mode on your Chromebook. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out the video linked in the description of this post.

2. Go to the Crossover website (link in description) and click “Try Now.”

3. Enter your name and email address and click “Download Trial Now.”

4. Wait for the download to finish, then click “Show in Folder.”

5. Double-click the downloaded file or right-click and select “Install with Linux Beta.”

6. Click “Install” and wait for the app to finish installing.

7. Open the Linux apps menu and click on Crossover 20.

8. Install the Windows software of your choice by selecting it from the list of unlisted applications and selecting the exe file you want to run.

Method 2: Using App on Fly

The second method involves using App on Fly. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the App on Fly website (link in description) and click “Start Free Trial.”

2. Use Microsoft Edge to search for and download the exe file you want to run.

3. Install the downloaded file as you normally would on a Windows machine.

That’s it! With these two methods, you should be able to run most exe files on your Chromebook without any issues. Let us know in the comments what you thought of these methods and what you’d like to see in our next post.


Why can't I run exe files on Chromebook?
In order to run EXE files on your Chromebook, you will have to make use of Wine. Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to install and run exe files of windows programs. Wine is not a Windows emulator as it translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls right away.
What files can a Chromebook run?
Microsoft Office files: . doc, . docx, . xls, . xlsx, . ppt (read-only), . pptx (read-only). ... Media: . 3gp, . avi, . mov, . mp4, . m4v, . m4a, . ... Images: . bmp, . gif, . jpg, . jpeg, . png, . webp.Compressed files: . zip, . rar.Other: . txt, . pdf.
How do I emulate Windows on my Chromebook?
Step 1: Install Crossover for the Chrome Operating System. ... Step 2: Prepare for Windows Program Installation. ... Step 3: Install Windows Program on Chromebook. ... Step 4: Installing Unspecified Windows Programs on Chromebook. ... Step 5: Run Windows Programs on Chromebook.
How do I open an EXE file on my school computer?
Go to the .exe you want to execute. Right-click and copy the path in the “Target” Box (Under “Target Location”)Open up Command Prompt (go to Start and then type “cmd”)You most likely will have to change the directory and to do that you would type “cd” (without the quotes) and enter.