How to Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Players can re-summon the dragon by placing four end crystals on the edges of the exit portal, one on each side . When she is re-summoned, the four end crystals point to the tops of each pillar setting off a series of explosions that resets the obsidian pillars, iron bars, and end crystals.

Have you defeated the Ender Dragon in Minecraft and are now wondering how to fight it all over again? Whether you need more XP, dragon’s breath for lingering potions, or simply want to play with friends on a server that offers a reward for killing the dragon, respawning it is a fairly simple process.

To begin, you will need three ingredients: glass, eyes of ender, and ghast tears. Specifically, you will need 28 glass, four eyes of ender, and four ghast tears to create seven pieces of glass that form the shape of pants, an eye of ender in the middle, and a tear gas at the bottom to create an end crystal.

Once you have created four end crystals, place them on the pedestal at each corner of the fountain in the end. This will activate a cool animation of beams shooting into the sky and pointing at each of the obsidian obelisks. These beams will recreate the end crystals on each obelisk.

A word of warning: once the dragon is respawned, the portal will disappear. So make sure you have everything you need before respawning the dragon. Also, keep in mind that you will only receive one dragon egg per world, so make sure you keep it safe.

In conclusion, respawning the Ender Dragon in Minecraft is a great way to add more excitement and adventure to your gameplay. While the process may seem complicated at first, it is actually quite simple once you have the necessary ingredients and know where to place the end crystals. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to fight the dragon once again and enjoy the thrill of the game.


Do you need a dragon egg to Respawn the Ender Dragon?
Lucky for you, you don't even need the Dragon egg to respawn the Ender dragon in Minecraft. It has the same iconic texture as the Endermen and the dragon itself. You can place it on top of other blocks but not on their sides as eggs, like sand blocks, are affected by the game's gravity.
Why can't i respawn the Ender Dragon?
The most common issue you may find is the Ender Dragon just will not spawn and the End Crystals did not activate. Be sure to check the placement of the crystals as seen in the image above. Check that you have placed each end crystal in the middle of each of the fours sides of the portal.
How many times can you Respawn the Ender Dragon?
You can respawn the ender Dragon as many times as you like. You need to place four end crystals on the edges of the exit portal.