How to Resize Image in PowerPoint Without Distortion

If you are a Microsoft PowerPoint user, you may find it challenging to resize and move pictures and images on your slides without distorting them. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to resize and move your pictures in PowerPoint 2016 without losing their aspect ratio.

To make any changes to a picture, you need to click on it, and the sizing handles will appear on each corner and side, as well as a rotation bar at the top. Also, up at the top of the ribbon, the picture tools format tab is displayed. Within the size group, you can crop your picture or choose a custom height and width.

If you want your picture to be a specific size, such as 2 inches tall, click on the height and enter the value of 2. The width will change accordingly based on the aspect ratio, which keeps your picture from becoming distorted. If you increase the height or width without keeping the aspect ratio, the picture becomes distorted.

However, if you want to distort the image, you can go to the size group, click on the size dialog box launcher, and uncheck the aspect ratio. Then you can change the height or width without keeping the aspect ratio.

To resize the picture without distorting it, click on any of the corner sizing handles instead of the sides. This method will increase or decrease your picture size appropriately without distorting it.

To move the picture, click somewhere within the middle of the picture, and you will see directional arrows. Click and drag the picture to move it wherever you want on the slide. The red dotted lines are your smart guides, which guide you around the page.

To align your picture perfectly, you can use the arrange group to align it either to the slide or another object. You can also use the align button to move it to the center, top, or bottom of the slide.

In conclusion, resizing and moving pictures and images in PowerPoint may seem challenging at first. However, by using these simple techniques, you can resize and move your pictures without losing their aspect ratio and distorting them. We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.