How to Reset HomePod Without Home App

Reset HomePod or HomePod mini Unplug HomePod or unplug the power adapter for HomePod mini. Wait 10 seconds, then plug HomePod back in. Wait 10 seconds, then touch your finger to the top of HomePod and hold it there. The white spinning light will turn red. ... Siri will say that your HomePod is about to reset.

If you need to reset your HomePod to factory settings so you can reconnect it to a new Wi-Fi network, then don’t worry – it’s actually very simple to do. You don’t even need to use the Home app to do it!

Firstly, launch the Home app on your iPhone and 3D touch on your HomePod settings. From there, go to settings for HomePod and scroll all the way down until you see “Remove Accessory”. Clicking on this will remove the HomePod from your device.

Next, disconnect the HomePod from the power source and take it to your new location. Once you’re there and ready to set it up with a new Wi-Fi network, wait for five seconds before plugging it back in. Then hold the Home button and wait for the white sphere to turn red. Siri will then tell you that it’s going to reset the HomePod shortly.

Keep holding the Home button until you hear three beeps, and that’s it – you’ve reset your HomePod! All you need to do now is hold your iPhone next to the HomePod once it reboots, and it will reconnect and take you through the whole setup process as if you’re setting it up for the first time.

Resetting your HomePod is a quick and easy process that doesn’t require the Home app, so you can easily reconnect to a new Wi-Fi network whenever you need to.


How do I reset HomePod without iPhone?
To reset your HomePod without a Mac or iOS device, unplug it and wait 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and wait for 5 seconds. Next, press and hold the middle button on top of the device until you hear three beeps. Unplug your HomePod and wait for 10 seconds.
How do I put HomePod in pairing mode?
Hold your iPhone or iPad close to HomePod Unlock your iPhone or iPad and hold it next to HomePod or HomePod mini. Tap Set Up when it appears on your device's screen. If the setup screen doesn't appear, try locking your device and unlocking it again.