How to Reset Alexa Echo Dot

How to reset an Amazon Echo Dot to its factory settings: Press and hold the Microphone Off and Volume Down buttons at the same time for approximately 20 seconds. Release both buttons when you see a spinning orange light ring on the device.

If you’ve had trouble setting up an Alexa device or need to erase old information, resetting it is the solution. This guide will show you how to reset an Alexa device or Echo device easily.

Whether you’re experiencing issues setting it up on Wi-Fi, had some kind of malfunction or need to remove personal information before gifting it, resetting the device will resolve it all. This guide pertains specifically to the third-generation Echo Dot, the latest in the Echo line.

The Alexa device has a mute button, plus and minus volume buttons, and an action button. To reset the device, you need to hold down the action button for 20-40 seconds. This step will put the device into setup mode, erasing all the previous settings and data.

Once you see the device go into setup mode, you can be sure it’s ready to be reset. Check to make sure the device is no longer on your account. You may still see it there, but unplugging it and plugging it back in will put the Alexa back into normal setup mode.

The completely refreshed device should have a blue light and then a greeting indicating it’s ready to be set up. This means that all the previous settings and data have been erased, leaving the device devoid of any information.

Alexa doesn’t store much information on the device; everything is stored in the cloud. So, the device mainly serves as a speaker, microphone, and microprocessor with limited storage used for the cloud processing and responses.

In conclusion, resetting an Alexa device is easy, and you can do it by holding down the action button long enough. This guide should help you reset your Amazon Echo Dot successfully. Remember to check out One Hour Smart Home’s website for more helpful articles and guides.