How to Repair Elytra in Minecraft: Enchantments, Items, and Techniques

To repair it you can either trek out to the End and find another Elytra (which is easier if you've got one already), then combine the two in an anvil . Or, you can repair it with phantom membranes – which also preserve any enchantments you've put on the Elytra. Each membrane restores about 25% durability.

Flying is one of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft, and using an Elytra is the ultimate way to experience it. However, Elytra can wear down over time and require repairs to keep working. In this article, we will explain how to repair Elytra in Minecraft and what items and enchantments you need to do so.

First, it is essential to understand the durability of Elytra. The Elytra has a durability of 432, which means it can be used for 7 minutes and 12 seconds on average before it is depleted. Flying with an unenchanted Elytra for this long is equivalent to traveling ten thousand blocks. When the durability reaches one, the Elytra will stop working until it is repaired. The texture of the Elytra will change to tattered after it has taken some damage, but the damage will end at a durability of one.

One way to increase the durability of Elytra is by placing enchantments on it. The Unbreaking enchantment decreases the chance of durability being used and can be put on the Elytra through the anvil and an enchanted book. The maximum level of Unbreaking is three, and at level three, there is a 25% chance of durability being used when flying with Elytra. Unbreaking three will decrease the durability by one every four seconds on average, which means that flying with Elytra without Unbreaking three can last 28 minutes and 44 seconds before being depleted.

Another option for repairing Elytra is with the Mending enchantment, a treasure enchantment that can only be obtained through chest loot, fishing, or villager training. Mending restores two durability per an orb of XP, and the Elytra has to be in the main hand, off hand, or be worn for Mending to work. If you have multiple items with Mending, one is chosen at random.

You can also repair Elytra by combining two damaged Elytra together either in the anvil or the grindstone. This will combine them into one Elytra and add the durability of both together. Using the anvil to do this will combine the enchantments and keep them. The grindstone gives a 5% bonus in durability but will remove any enchantments and give you a small amount of XP.

Finally, you can use a Phantom Membrane and the anvil or grindstone to repair Elytra. One Phantom Membrane can restore 108 durability or 25% of Elytra. You can acquire the Phantom Membrane by killing the Phantom. When you kill a Phantom, they drop zero to two Phantom Membranes. If you have a sword with a Looting enchantment, this increases the chance of dropping items when killing a mob with Phantom and increases the chance of getting one Phantom Membrane per an enchantment level.

Phantoms spawn only when the player has been awake for at least three days in Minecraft or about an hour, and the player has to be at sea level or y equals 64. In Bedrock, Phantoms can spawn between y equals 1 to 129, but less likely at extremes and most likely at y equals 75. One way to get Phantom Membranes without killing Phantoms is with tamed cats. Tamed cats have a 3.22% chance of gifting a Phantom Membrane in the morning.

Repairing Elytra is crucial if you want to keep flying and experiencing all that Minecraft has to offer. By understanding how to repair Elytra, you can keep your Elytra in top condition and continue to enjoy the thrill of flying in Minecraft.


Can you repair your Elytra with Leather?
Elytra are currently repaired with leather when using anvil. Elytra now spread slightly when the player crouches. The player can now take damage from gliding into walls, and crashing into a wall now has its own death message.
Can you repair Elytra forever?
Therefore, elytra can be infinitely repaired if it has Mending. However, enchanted books with Mending will only be found in the world, like elytra.
How many membranes does it take to fix an Elytra?
It takes 4 Phantom Membranes to fully repair an Elytra.