How to Remove Windows 10 from Taskbar Permanently

As a content creator, having a clutter-free screen while recording a tutorial video is essential. One of the common frustrations is the Windows taskbar, which does not add any value to the viewer and can be distracting. While there is an option to hide the taskbar in Windows, it’s not a complete solution as a black line still appears at the bottom of the screen, and hovering over it can make the taskbar pop up again.

Fortunately, a quick Google search led to a small program that can solve this problem. After downloading and installing it, the program provides options to set a shortcut key or hotkey combination to hide the taskbar completely. This means that even the black line at the bottom of the screen will disappear, and the taskbar won’t pop up when recording a tutorial video.

However, there is one catch to using this program. To make it work correctly, two steps are required. Firstly, enable “Automatically hide the taskbar” in Windows settings. Secondly, use the hotkey combination in the program to hide the taskbar completely. If these steps are not followed, other applications may not be able to use the taskbar space, leading to further frustration.

In conclusion, the program is a useful tool for those who need to record tutorial videos or want a clutter-free screen while working. Although there is a workaround, the program can help save time and effort in the long run. If you have any better solutions, feel free to share them in the comment section below.