How to Remove Blank Space in Google Docs

To remove paragraph spacing, click the line spacing button, then select Remove space before paragraph or Remove space after paragraph .

Google Docs is a popular online word processor used by many people with a Gmail account. While it is great for creating and editing documents, you may run into some formatting issues that can make your document look unprofessional. One common issue is the appearance of extra blank pages that can be frustrating to remove.

To delete a blank page in your document, the easiest way is to use the backspace key. First, open the document and navigate to the blank page you want to delete. If the blank page is at the end of the document, click on the blank page and hold the right arrow key to position your cursor as far as it will go. Once your cursor has stopped moving, hold down your backspace key until the blank page deletes itself.

If the blank page is at the beginning or the middle of the document, position your cursor where your text begins after the blank page and hold down the backspace until the text is brought up to fill the blank page. To be more precise, you can left-click and hold to highlight the empty space instead of releasing the left mouse button. Once you’ve moused over to the end of your text, tapping the backspace key should delete the blank page.

If the blank page was created due to a formatting issue, you could try setting up a uniform formatting by highlighting the affected section, then editing the format using the tools in the toolbar and page setup under file. If that doesn’t work, you could clear formatting for the entire document by highlighting everything with control plus a and clearing formatting through control plus backslash or by selecting clear formatting under the format menu on the top left. This should clear all formatting from the entire document and allow you to format it to your liking.

In conclusion, removing blank pages from your Google Docs document can be frustrating, but there are simple ways to get rid of them. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily delete any unwanted blank pages and ensure that your document looks professional and polished.