How to Redeem Xbox Gift Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

Press the Start button , and then enter store into the search bar. Choose Microsoft Store from the results to open the app. Select your account in the top-right corner of the screen, and then select Redeem code or gift cards. Enter the 25-character code, select Next, and then follow the prompts.

Are you the proud owner of an Xbox Gift Card? Do you want to know how to redeem it and add the money to your Xbox account? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of redeeming a gift card for your Xbox account.

First things first, this tutorial applies to codes found on physical cards and other delivery methods like email. On the Xbox, select and open the Store tab. Here go to the left column and scroll down and select Redeem. This is where you’ll enter the code.

An important thing to know is that official Xbox Gift Card codes are 25-digits. That’s definitely a requirement! If you have more or less characters, it’s not a valid Xbox code. Codes that are not 25-digits will have to be redeemed on the website that issued them before you will be sent an official code.

When you enter the code, select the Enter button on the bottom right. At this time, it’s a good idea to confirm the Xbox account that will receive the gift card money. This is important because the funds will be deposited to this account. And there’s no way to transfer the money to another Xbox account if you redeem to the wrong one. So, if this email is incorrect, cancel and then log into the correct account before redeeming the code.

Once you have confirmed your account information, select Next. On the next screen, select Confirm to redeem your Xbox Gift Card. And that’s it! On the last screen, close out of this menu.

To check that the money is in your account, go to Settings. Then under Account, go to Payment & Billing. Here you can see how much gift card money you have available. It’s essential to make sure that the money has been added to your account before making any purchases.

The final thing you should know is that you can redeem as many Xbox Gift Cards as you like. The money will just add up in your account and will be available for future purchases.

Now that you know how to redeem your Xbox Gift Card, you can start enjoying your favorite games and add-ons hassle-free.