How to Quickly Clear Space in Gmail and Free Up Google Drive Storage

To see how much space you have left, on a computer, go to . If you use Google Drive for work or school, you can check if your administrator set an individual storage limit.

When it comes to Google Drive storage, your Gmail storage is included as part of your overall storage space. While you get around 15GB of free storage, it’s essential to keep your Gmail inbox as lean as possible to make the most of it. Here’s how to check Gmail storage and clear up some space.

Rather than spending hours searching for and deleting specific emails, there are two quick ways to free up space in your Gmail. The first is to take a quick look at your promotions tab. Usually, these emails are bulk deletable, but be sure to keep any important information like shipping confirmations.

The second and most effective method is to use the Gmail search bar. You want to identify emails with large files that are taking up the most space. In the search bar, type “has:attachment larger:25MB.” This search will show you all the emails with attachments larger than 25MB. You can also narrow down the search by using a smaller size like 10MB.

Once you’ve found the emails, select them with the toggle box on the left or bulk delete using the main toggle above. Don’t forget to empty your trash once you’re done. Gmail holds deleted emails for 30 days before clearing them, so if you need to free up space immediately, use the empty trash now option.

In conclusion, these quick and easy steps will help you free up space in your Gmail and make the most of your Google Drive storage. Let us know in the comments how you free up your Google Drive and Gmail storage.


How do I check my storage on Gmail app?
On your Android device, launch the Google Drive App. Tap the hamburger menu on the left. Tap on “storage” to view your Gmail storage.
What is the fastest way to clean up Gmail storage?
How can I free up Gmail space? To clean Gmail space, you should first get rid of unwanted and unnecessary email messages using a bulk email organizer like Clean Email. Then, go through Google Drive and Google Photos and delete all files, photos, and videos that you don't need.
What do you do when your Gmail is full?
Free up space with Gmail. With the Google One Storage Management Tool, you can review and free up storage space by deleting emails in your trash, spam emails, or emails with large attachments. info Features are subject to availability. The steps may look different depending on your device.
How do I clear Gmail storage on my iPhone?
On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google One app .At the bottom, tap Storage. Free up account storage.Select the category you want to manage.Select the files you want to remove. To sort files, at the top, tap Filter . ... After you select your files, at the top, tap Delete .