How to Put the Keyboard Back to Normal on iPad

If you’ve ever used an iPad, you may have encountered the tiny super small keyboard that can be difficult to type on. However, did you know that there is a way to move back to the full-screen iPad keyboard? In this blog post, we’ll show you how.

Firstly, behind the small keyboard, there are two many advantages. The first is that we get a shameless typing experience just like an iPhone or small screen gadgets. We can see the full screen of the app’s user interface quickly and easily type with swipe to type and move the keyboard all around the screen.

If you don’t like the small keyboard on the iPad screen, you can switch to the big screen traditional iPad keyboard using two-finger gestures. To do this, apply pinch zoom out using two fingers on the screen to make your small keyboard bigger. To move back to the small keyboard, pinch zoom in using two-finger gestures. Additionally, we can use swipe to type like this.

It’s important to note that the swipe to type feature doesn’t support a full-screen iPad keyboard, but we can move all around the screen using the bottom bar that appears on the virtual keyboard. This is a pretty easy and interesting feature of the iPad.

If this feature doesn’t work, restarting your iPhone or iPad is recommended. iPad users can turn off using the sleep wake button only by pressing and holding on the power key to turn off or opening the settings app on your iPad. Then, tap on general and scroll to the shut-down option and swipe to turn off your iPad.

In conclusion, moving back to the full-screen iPad keyboard from the tiny super small keyboard is an easy process that can be achieved using two-finger gestures. Don’t let the small keyboard hinder your typing experience on your iPad.