How to Prevent Wireless Earbuds from Falling Out

Fit the Earbuds Firmly Into Your Ear Before inserting the earbuds, hold your earlobes upward so that the ear canals are straightened, making it easier to insert and firmly fit the earbuds. Let go of the earlobes only after fitting the earbuds to firmly secure them into place.

Are you tired of constantly having to adjust your wireless earbuds as they slip out of your ears? If you own AirPods Pro and are experiencing this issue, then you might want to consider investing in foam ear tips.

Specifically, the Comply Complete foam ear tips are designed for AirPods Pro and have received praise from many users who previously struggled with keeping their earbuds in place. A pack of three medium-sized ear tips costs $24, and you can also purchase a pack with three different sizes if you’re unsure which one to choose.

After using the Comply Complete ear tips for a couple of weeks, YouTuber Pete was impressed with their performance. He tested them during various activities, including video calls, phone calls, walking, and even gym sessions. While he did have to adjust them a few times during his workouts, he found that the earbuds stayed in place much better than before. Additionally, the foam tips created a better seal, which improved the audio quality.

If you’re interested in trying out foam ear tips for your AirPods Pro, then you can find the link to purchase them in the video description. Don’t forget to take advantage of the zero-risk policy and send them back if they don’t work for you.


Why won't my wireless earbuds stay in my ear?
The hinges in your jaw that let you chew and talk can sometimes dislodge an earbud, depending on how closely it sits. This is the most common reason, and – thankfully – the easiest to fix. Everyone's ears are different, and a one-size-fits-all earbud may simply not be a good fit for certain people.
Why do earbuds always fall out of my ears?
Ears may be too close to the jaw The closer your ears are to your jaw, the closer they are with the TMJs. This means that simple movements like talking or chewing can alter the size and shape of your ear canal. These movements and changes in the ear can wiggle the earbuds out of place, causing them to fall off.