How to Play CD on Xbox One: A Simple Guide

Play an audio CD Press the eject button and ensure the disc drive is empty. Select Launch to open the Groove Music app. Once opened, select My Music in the upper-left corner of the Groove Music app. From within the My Music menu, select Audio CD. Select Play all to begin playing the contents of the disc.

Installing a game on Xbox One from a CD should be easy, right? Well, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible.

First off, simply insert the game CD into the Xbox One and wait for it to load. If it doesn’t load automatically, try manually opening the CD from the home screen.

If you encounter any issues with the game not loading, there are a few things you can try. For example, you can do a hard reset of the Xbox One by holding down the power button until it shuts off. Wait a few minutes, then turn it back on. This should refresh the system and hopefully resolve any issues.

Another potential issue is needing to update your Xbox One. If this is the case, the system will prompt you to update before you can install the game. Keep in mind that updates can take a while, so be patient.

If you’re still having trouble, try searching for videos or articles that address common Xbox One app issues. Sometimes, there may be a simple fix that you’re unaware of.

Overall, installing a game from a CD on Xbox One should be a straightforward process. If you encounter any issues, try the above tips and hopefully you’ll be playing your new game in no time!


How do you open a CD on Xbox One?
Press the Xbox button  to open the guide, select Home, highlight the game that is currently inserted, and press X  to eject the disc.
What app plays CD on Xbox One?
Install Groove Music from the Microsoft Store. Put the audio CD into the Xbox One disc drive. The audio CD should play automatically. If it doesn't, open the Groove Music app and select Audio CD.