How to Play Apple Music on Firestick

Head to More in the bottom right-hand corner, then tap on Skills &, Games. Tap the search icon in the top-right-hand corner and search for "Apple Music". Tap the search result for Apple Music that pops up. Select the "Enable" button to enable the skill.

Do you want to play your favorite tunes from Apple Music on your Firestick? Well, lucky for you it’s possible and easy to do. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to play Apple Music on Firestick using an iPhone.

First, you need to download a free app called AirScreen. You can find this by going to your Firestick home screen, clicking on the home button on the remote, moving to the right where it says find, going down to search, and typing in “AirScreen.” Once you find it, click on it and download and install it.

After installing AirScreen, tap on your home button and go all the way over to the right to find the app. If it’s still installing, wait a few moments for it to finish.

Before airplaying, make sure that your Firestick and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once you confirm the connection, a QR code will appear on your Firestick screen. Open your iPhone camera and make sure it’s in photo mode. Then, tap on the QR code to connect your iPhone to your Firestick.

To start airplaying, slide down your control center on your iPhone and look for the screen mirroring/airplay button. Tap on it and choose the name of the device or whatever you’re connected to. In this case, it’s the “AES” code that appears on your Firestick screen. Within seconds, your iPhone screen will mirror on your TV.

You can display documents, work presentations, and even view your photos and videos stored locally. To disconnect from the screen mirroring, bring down the control center again, tap on the screen mirroring button, and click on “Stop Mirroring.”

Now you can enjoy tunes from Apple Music on your Firestick. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to leave a comment below.


How do I stream Apple Music to my TV?
Install AirDroid Cast on your iPhone/iPad. ... Open AirDroid Cast Web on the Android TV browser. ... Connect your TV and iOS device. ... Connect Audio and enjoy Apple Music on your Android TV.
How do I play Apple on my Fire Stick?
Go to Settings on your Fire TV Smart TV.Select Display and Sounds.Select Airplay &, HomeKit.Follow the on-screen instructions.