How to Open TGA File on Windows 10

How to Open a TGA File. You can open one with Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, Corel PaintShop Pro, TGA Viewer, and some other popular photo and graphics tools as well .

If you have come across image files with the TGA extension, you might have found that they cannot be opened using any normal image viewers. In this post, we will show you how to open TGA files in Windows 10 using dedicated file openers or by converting them to another format.

TGA files are raster images stored as files, and some strong image viewers can open these files. However, the Windows 10 photo viewer may not support it. Instead, you can open them on Paint.NET or other image viewers like Adobe Photoshop, which supports TGA files.

If you don’t have any software that supports TGA files, you can use a dedicated TGA viewer software for opening these files. There are plenty of free TGA viewers available online that you can download and use for viewing the TGA files.

Another way to open TGA files is to convert them to JPG using image conversion tools available online. Zamzar and CoolUtils are two of the best online conversion websites for converting TGA files to other formats.

Zamzar is a TGA viewer online conversion website that allows you to upload the TGA file, choose the file format you want it to convert to, and click on the Convert Now option. After the conversion is done, you can download the converted file and use it. CoolUtils is another hub for converting different files where you can resize or rotate the converted file before downloading it.

We hope this post has helped you in figuring out how to open TGA files on Windows 10. If you have any issues or feedback, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, you can join our Facebook group of troubleshooting experts for direct tech support.


What is the free program to open TGA files?
Can I open &, view files TGA on Linux, Mac OS, or Android? Yes, you can use the free GroupDocs Viewer on any operating system that has a web browser. Our TGA viewer works online and does not require any software installation.
How do I open a TGA file online?
Click inside the file drop area to upload a file or drag &, drop a file.Your file will be automatically rendered for you to view instantly.Set page view zoom-in or zoom-out.View and navigate between pages for multi-page image formats.
How do I convert TGA to JPEG?
Upload TGA-file. Drag and drop your TGA file into the upload area. The maximum file size is 100 MB.TGA to JPEG. Click "Convert" to change tga to jpeg. The conversion usually takes a few seconds.Download your JPEG. Now you can download the JPEG file. The download link only works on your device.