How to Open SD Card on Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has brought back a feature that was missing in the Galaxy S6, a slot to support microSD memory cards. Adding a microSD card to your Galaxy S7 can help increase your phone’s storage capacity, making it possible to save more photos, videos, music, and other files. In this post, we will show you how to use a microSD card in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

To insert a microSD card into your Samsung Galaxy S7, you need a SIM card tool. Pop the SIM card slot out halfway using the tool. You’ll see that the top of the SIM card slot is a microSD card slot. Take your microSD card and press it in, then pop the slot back into the phone. You’ll see a notification pop up that you just inserted a microSD card. See here, it says SD card for transferring photos and media.

Now when you go to the camera app, it pops up a dialog box about the storage location, telling you that it will save photos to the SD card. You can also go into Samsung’s My Files app and look at what’s on your SD card and move files around. To move downloaded apps onto the SD card, go into settings > apps > application manager. Look at the list of applications and pick something which wasn’t pre-loaded, like say Asphalt 8. Go into storage and hit change. You can then use this option to move an app to the SD card. However, remember that if an app is on the SD card, you remove the SD card, you can’t use the app. Also, you can’t do this with the built-in apps.

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t support Marshmallow’s special storage mode that makes the SD card look like part of the internal memory, you can still save your photos, videos, music, and other files to it. You can move your apps onto it, and it does support cards up to 200 GB. So record as much 4K video as you want, the Samsung Galaxy S7 can take it.

In conclusion, adding a microSD card to your Samsung Galaxy S7 is easy and straightforward. With the above steps, you can easily increase your phone’s storage capacity and move your files around.


Why is my Galaxy s7 not recognizing my SD card?
If your SD card is not being recognized by your phone, it may be in an unsupported file format or damaged. Try using a new SD card instead.