How to Open Discord on a School Computer

If you are a student and love using Discord to communicate with your friends, you may have come across the problem of it being blocked on your school computer. In this article, we will show you a simple way to unblock Discord with GoGuardian on your school Chromebook.

Before we start, let us remind you that this tutorial does not promote the use of Discord during school hours. We recommend following your school’s internet usage policy and only using Discord during your free time.

Firstly, you need to access a Google doc from the link provided in the description below. If the Google doc is blocked on your school Chromebook, you can find the code linked in the pin comment and the description for you to copy without it being blocked.

Once you have the code, follow these simple steps:

1. Highlight the first code, right-click, click copy, and open a new tab.

2. Right-click on the bookmarks bar, click add page, name it “Discord”.

3. Where it says URL, highlight the existing text, delete it and paste the Javascript code.

4. Click save.

Repeat the same process with the second code, but name the page “Discord Unblock” and paste the second code.

Now that you have the pages saved to your bookmarks bar, you can access Discord on your school Chromebook. Right-click on the “Discord” page and click “Open a new tab” to open Discord unblocked. Make sure to click “Discord Unblock” quickly as the page is loading to prevent it from redirecting to the GoGuardian block page. If it does redirect, try clicking it a few more times at different intervals until it unblocks.

We hope this tutorial helps you access Discord on your school Chromebook. Remember to use it responsibly and only during your free time.