How to Open ACF Files: Adding a File Field to Your Website

In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to add a file field through advanced custom fields (ACF) into your website. This will allow you to upload a file and have it downloadable on your theme.

To get started, we will first create the label “Upload a File” in the content section, and then choose if it will be an array, a URL, or an ID. We will select “array” and click update.

Next, we will go to our contact page and click refresh. We will now see “Upload a File” there. We will remove the image to avoid clutter and make it so that the file is downloadable instead of displayed.

We will then go into our template and include the file in the code. The idea is called “upload_a_file”. We will do “file=get_field” and then “var_dump(file)”.

Refresh the content page and you will see it is now an array. Technically, it is similar to an image field, and if you have uploaded an image, it will come up with all the image sizes. However, you would use the image type for images and the file type for other types of files.

We will then create file data using “file_name=file” and “file_url=file”. We will then make it a download by creating a link and typing “download” inside it. You can force it to be a download by typing “download” or allow it to open in the browser.

And that’s how you create a file field through advanced custom fields. It’s an easy way to add downloadable files to your website.