How to Message Someone on Google+

Google+ may not have a separate messaging section like other social networks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t message someone privately. In fact, messaging someone on Google+ is quite easy and even has some unique features that other social networks lack.

To message someone on Google+, you need to head to your Google+ homepage and click on the “home” button to make sure you’re on the right page. Then, you can type your message in the same way you would type a status update. However, before you share it, make sure to delete the public icon if it’s there. Then, click “add circles or people to share with” and select the individual you want to message.

Once you’ve entered your message, click “share.” Though it may look like your message is public, it’s only visible to the person you’ve messaged and anyone else you’ve added to that message. If you want to test that no one else can see it, you can go to your profile and use the “profile ads” feature to see what your profile looks like to someone else.

You can even message multiple people at once by adding them individually or selecting a specific circle to share with. And the best part? You can edit or delete your messages even after you’ve sent them.

Another cool feature of messaging on Google+ is that it updates in real-time. This means you don’t have to refresh the page or check your messages again to see if someone has responded. It’s almost like having an instant messaging conversation.

While Google+ may not have a separate messaging section, it definitely has its own unique way of messaging that’s worth trying out.