How to Merge Images in

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to merge two images in Firstly, you need to install and open the first image by right-clicking it and selecting “open with”. Once you have the first image open, you can proceed to open the second image using the same process.

To merge the two images, you need to select the lasso tool from the toolbar, which is the one that looks like a loop. Using the lasso, you can select the part of the second image that you want to merge onto the first image. Once you have selected the part you want, you can copy it using the shortcut Ctrl+C.

Now, you need to switch to the first image and paste the copied selection onto it using the shortcut Ctrl+V. If the pasted selection is bigger than the first image, you can resize it using the “Keep canvas size” option.

Once you have resized the pasted selection as needed, you can merge the two images by simply dragging and dropping the second image onto the first image. You can then save the merged image under a new name.

You can repeat this process to merge more images, but make sure to select the appropriate part of each image before pasting it onto the first image. Additionally, you can use other tools like the magic wand or the lasso to make more precise selections.

In conclusion, merging images in is a simple process that can yield interesting results. We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.