How to Make Your Android Camera Like an iPhone

Have you ever felt frustrated when you notice that your iPhone friends are only using their phone for taking photos? Do you wish that your Android camera could compete with any iPhone camera? Well, the good news is that it can! You just need to follow a few simple steps and you’ll have an iPhone-like camera on your Android.

Firstly, you’ll need to download the Google Camera app and the Google Config File. Don’t worry about finding the links as they can be found in the description of the video. Once you have downloaded both files, install the camera app and you’ll see a window. Ignore everything and go to the settings. From there, click on “configs” and save a file with any name. Saving the file is important as it will create a folder that you’ll need later on.

Next, download the XML files from the description. There are two files with different names, but you can choose any one of them. Once you’ve chosen a file, copy it and go to the folder that you created earlier. Paste the file and delete the previous file that you created. Then, go back to the camera application and click on “load”. You’ll magically see the XML file and your phone camera will turn into an iPhone camera.

It’s important to note that your phone camera won’t become exactly like an iPhone camera, but the difference will be slight. Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to compete with any iPhone camera and impress your friends.

In conclusion, if you want to learn how to make your Android camera like an iPhone, follow the steps above and you’ll be good to go. And if anyone asks you how you did it, just tell them you did it yourself. Happy snapping!