How to Make MP3 CDs in 2020

You must have a playlist created before you can burn songs to CD. Insert a blank CD-R CD-R CD-R (Compact disc-recordable) is a digital optical disc storage format . A CD-R disc is a compact disc that can be written once and read arbitrarily many times. › wiki › CD-R CD-R - Wikipedia disc into the optical disc drive in your computer. Select your playlist and click on “File.” Select “Burn Playlist to Disc,” then select either “Audio CD” or “MP3 CD” as the disc format, based on your preference.

If you’re still burning CDs, this updated guide will show you how to do it in 2020. The first thing you’ll need is a CD burner. Many laptops and desktops come with built-in CD burners, but if yours doesn’t, you can purchase an external one for about $30 on Amazon.

To burn your music onto a CD, you’ll also need a blank CD. The speaker in the video recommends using Verbatim discs, as they’ve had great success with them. Once you have these two things, you can begin the process.

Insert the CD into your computer and open the folder that contains the songs you want to burn onto the CD. In this case, the speaker has a folder called “songs” that contains all of the mp3 files they want to put on the disc.

Next, open Windows Media Player by typing it into the search bar in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Once you’ve opened the program, click on the “burn” tab. From there, you can drag and drop the mp3 files from the folder into the burn list in Windows Media Player.

Before you start the burn process, make sure you select “audio CD” in the burn options drop-down menu. This is important because if you select “data CD or DVD,” it may not work in your car system. All CD players should be able to read audio discs, so always select “audio CD” to ensure compatibility.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re burning an audio CD and you’ve added all of the songs you want to the burn list, click “start burn.” The program will show you a list of all the songs that will be burned to the disc and the progress of each song as it’s burned.

After the burn is complete, eject the disc and use it wherever you want. You should have no problems using the CD.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand how to make MP3 CDs in 2020. Remember to always select “audio CD” in the burn options menu, and you should have no problems.