How to Make Kindle App Read to You on iPhone

As an avid book lover, you probably love audiobooks and enjoy listening to them when you’re on the go, whether you’re working out, walking, or driving. However, not all books are available as audiobooks. The good news is that almost every book is available as a Kindle book, and you can listen to any Kindle book by having it read to you by your phone while you’re on the move.

Many ways to do this can be found on the internet, but most of them involve voice to speech or the use of accessibility features on your iPhone. However, this method is simple and doesn’t require any special features on your phone. All you have to do is download the Alexa app on your phone, open it up, and press the blue button to tell it to play the Kindle book you want to listen to.

Alexa will start reading the book to you instantly, and you can manage it using voice commands such as “pause,” “stop,” “resume,” “skip ahead,” and “skip back.” One of the most amazing features of Alexa is that you can adjust the reading speed by saying “read faster” or “read slower.”

If you don’t want to use voice commands when you’re in public, you can use the control buttons that appear on the screen. These buttons also work when you’re listening to the book on the iPhone lock screen. Additionally, you can open the Alexa app and go to the play menu, where you’ll find your Kindle library. You can select any book there and hit “play” to start listening to it.

The best part of this method is that since it’s all within Amazon’s ecosystem, you can consume books in a hybrid way. For instance, you can read a book on your Kindle device or phone and listen to it at different times. Kindle’s whisper sync technology remembers your spot and picks up wherever you left off, whether you were listening or reading.

In summary, using the Kindle app to listen to books is easy and convenient, and you don’t need any special features on your phone. With the Alexa app, you can listen to any Kindle book and manage it using voice commands or control buttons. You can also consume books in a hybrid way without losing your spot. Try it out and enjoy listening to your favorite books on the go.