How to Make an Invisibility Potion in Minecraft

To make the Potion of Invisibility, players can combine a Fermented Spider Eye with the Potion of Nightvision in the Brewing Stand . To make a Fermented Spider Eye, players need a Spider Eye, which will drop from Spiders, a Mushroom, and Sugar.

Are you tired of getting attacked by mobs in Minecraft? Do you want to sneak by undetected? Well, you’re in luck! In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a Minecraft potion of invisibility.

First things first, did you know that you can get a potion of invisibility without blowing? Wandering Traders drink a potion of invisibility when it is approaching night time to avoid getting attacked by mobs. If you kill them while they are drinking the potion, there’s an 8.5% chance of them dropping it. And this is increased by 1% for every level of looting, so a looting 3 sword will give you an 11.5% chance of them dropping the potion.

It’s also important to know how a potion of invisibility works before you craft it and how to make the most use of it. The invisibility potion makes your player model disappear or go invisible. However, mobs can still detect you at close range. To be exact, mobs can detect you at 7% of the usual range. So, you’ll want to make sure you don’t get too close.

If you’re wearing armor, mobs can detect you from even further away. Every piece of armor increases the detection distance by 17.5%, so taking armor off will drastically increase your chances of sneaking by undetected. Wearing armor, items that you’re holding in your hand, arrows that are stuck into you from being shot by a skeleton, and certain parts of mobs like yellow heads of Shulkers, the aura of a charged Creeper, or the eyes of a Spider, an Enderman, or a Phantom – they’re all still visible even if invisibility is applied to those mobs or to the player.

Sneaking also reduces your chance of being detected by 80%, and this benefit to sneaking applies all the time, whether you’re using a potion or not. If you are using the potion, the benefit stacks! So, it’s good to remove your armor and also sneak around to avoid detection at the same time. But wait, there’s more! You can avoid detection by certain mobs are wearing their head.

To make a Minecraft potion of invisibility, here’s what you need to do. First, make a glass bottle and fill it with water, then put it into a brewing stand. For optimal efficiency, brew three at a time as it uses the same number of resources to do so. Next, add your Netherwart. This will end up giving you an Awkward potion which has no effect.

Then, add a golden carrot. This will give you a potion of night vision which lasts for three minutes. We then corrupt the night vision potion using a fermented spider eye, which will then give you a potion of invisibility for three minutes. If you want to increase the duration, we can add Redstone, giving us an eight-minute potion of invisibility. And then if you’d like to convert this into a splash potion so you can apply the effect to other players or mobs as well, you just use Gunpowder – and that will give you a splash potion of invisibility.

In conclusion, sneaking around undetected in Minecraft is no longer a dream. With the help of a potion of invisibility, you can avoid detection and have a better chance of surviving in the game. So, try out our recipe and see how it works for you. If you found this tutorial helpful, please share it with others.


What are the ingredients in invisibility potion?
Blaze Powder.Water Bottles.Nether wart.Golden Carrot (For night vision potion)Fermented Spider Eye.