How to Make a Rope in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are a Minecraft player with a farm full of animals, then you might need a leash to lead them around. Leashes are useful tools that allow you to move creatures ranging from pets to some mob monsters. If you want to make a leash but aren’t entirely sure how the process works, then worry not. We’ll show you exactly what to do.

To make a leash, you need to get into Minecraft’s crafting mechanics. Luckily, the ingredients required are fairly easy to come by, so you’ll end up making plenty of leashes to use on wild animals populating your world. You’ll need four strings and one slime ball to make two leashes. You can collect these materials from defeating spiders and slimes. Then head to a crafting table that you’ll already have made.

Even better, you can stack up to 64 leashes, so you’ll never run out if you find yourself needing one. If you’d rather go down the exploratory route, there are a few places to find a leash in Minecraft. Out in the wild, leashes are randomly found in chests but only in specific areas. In the Bedrock edition of the game, those chests are in the wooded mansions and others in the ancient city. In the Java edition, head to the buried treasure in the map or the woodland mansion. Once more, the chances aren’t certain, but you could end up with a leash.

On top of that, if you manage to defeat either the llamas with the wandering trader, they’ll drop a leash each. Once you have your leash, simply equip it and use it on any wild neutral animal. That will then make them follow you so you can guide them to a pen or even your home. Equally, it can help you tame monsters such as the zombie horse or snow golem. Of course, those are more risky endeavors, though.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to make a leash in Minecraft. It’s a simple process that can help you make your Minecraft world more organized and efficient.


Where do you find rope in Minecraft?
While spiders are probably the most prominent way to get ropes, you can also get them through fishing and also cats can bring you some in the morning as a gift. String can also be found in chests in various dungeons and temples. If you're in the Nether, Piglins can be traded and give you up to nine pieces of rope.
Are there ropes in Minecraft?
Rope is crafted with three string, a slimeball, and tall grass (unless you can get it with shears, you're either gonna need to somehow find tall grass, pick it up with Silk Touch, or find Rope in generated chests).