How to Make a Photobook on Snapfish

Snapfish is a popular online photo printing and sharing service that allows customers to create customized photobooks. In this post, we will guide you through the process of making a photobook on Snapfish.

First, head to the Snapfish homepage and select the “Books” option. From there, choose the size and type of book you want to create. For this tutorial, we will be making an 8 by 11 hardcover book with the “Studio” design.

Next, select the photos you want to use in your book. You can add more photos to your book later if you wish. Snapfish offers an autofill feature that automatically lays out your photos in the book, saving you time. You can also choose to manually place your photos one by one.

Once your photos are selected, the autofill feature will ask you how many pages you want your book to have. Depending on the number of pages you choose, the photo density per page will vary. If you select fewer pages, you will get more photos per page, but the print sizes will be smaller. If you choose more pages, you will get fewer and larger photos per page, but the cost will be higher.

Snapfish offers a variety of page layouts to choose from, and you can add text and embellishments to your pages. You can also rotate, resize, and move photos and embellishments around on the page.

If at any point you are not satisfied with a page, you can delete and replace photos or change the layout. Once you have finished creating your book, you can name and save your project.

Snapfish offers many more options for customizing your photobook, so be sure to check out their other book tutorials. With Snapfish, creating a beautiful photobook has never been easier.