How to Make a Game Download Faster on PS4

Let's look at tips to help you speed up slow PS4 downloads. Close Any Background Applications. ... Put Your System Into Rest Mode. ... Pause and Resume the Download. ... Improve Wi-Fi Performance, or Use Ethernet. ... Stop Downloads on Other Devices. ... Try Changing Your DNS Settings. ... Consider Your Home Network Speed and Equipment. More items...

Are you tired of waiting hours for your games to download on your PS4? Do you want to improve your internet connection speed without changing your internet plan? Look no further, as we have a solution for you.

Dr. Glitch, a popular gaming YouTuber, has shared a few tweaks you can make in your PS4 settings to get significantly faster download speeds using the same internet connection that you have right now. In this blog post, we will summarize the steps he took in his video to help you improve your download speed on PS4.

Firstly, before making any changes to your PS4 settings, you need to check your internet connection speed to be able to compare it with the speed you get later on in this process. You can do this by selecting “Test Internet Connection” under “Network” settings. In Dr. Glitch’s video, he had around 3 megabytes per second of download speed and around 500 kbps of upload speed, which is quite slow.

Now, let’s move onto the steps you can take to improve your download speed on your PS4. The first thing you need to do is go to “Settings” and scroll all the way down to “System”. Then, click on “Automatic Downloads” and uncheck all four boxes on the screen. Next, go back and scroll down to “Report System Software Errors” and uncheck that box too. After this, go back once again and scroll up to “Application Saved Data Management”. Here, you need to scroll all the way down to “Auto-Upload” and uncheck all the boxes.

Once you have completed these steps, go back and select “Network”. Then, click on “Set Up Internet Connection” and select “Use Wi-Fi”. On the next screen, select “Custom” and choose the internet connection that you are connected to. Select “Automatic” for IP Address Settings and “Do Not Specify” for DHCP Host Name. For DNS Settings, select “Manual” and enter “” for Primary DNS and “” for Secondary DNS. For MTU Settings, select “Automatic” and for Proxy Server, select “Do Not Use”.

Finally, test your internet connection to see if you have made any significant difference in your connection speed. In Dr. Glitch’s video, he noticed a significant improvement in his download speed, going from 3 megabytes per second to 50 megabytes per second. He was able to download a 4GB file in just 10-15 minutes, which was previously estimated to take almost 4 hours.

In conclusion, if you want to improve your download speed on your PS4, follow the steps mentioned above. While we cannot guarantee that every viewer will experience the same improvement in their connection speed, we can assure you that these steps will result in an improved internet connection speed for sure.


Do PS4 games download faster in rest mode?
If PS4 is in rest mode (not off), then yes, if would download games. TV on or off is irrelevant for the download. Under settings - power options you can adjust when PS4 is going to the rest mode and how it behave in it.
How can I speed up my game download?
Restart your PC. This should be your first port of call. ... Close unnecessary apps and programs. ... Cache and cookies. ... Check your router and Wi-Fi signal. ... Use an Ethernet cable. ... Disconnect other devices. ... Scan for viruses. ... Download managers.More items...•
How fast should PS4 download games?
The recommended internet connection speed for gaming: Download speed – 15-25 Mbps. Upload speed – 5 Mbps. Ping rate – Less than 50 ms.
How fast can a PS4 download?
Download speed: 200+ Mbps. Upload speed: 50+ Mbps. If you can afford faster internet then by all means go for it. From the router - 450mbps on 2.4GHz, 1gbps on 5GHz, but almost no internet path will be much faster than about 6mbps.