How to Make a Calendar in Google Slides

For many people, having a calendar is an essential tool for staying organized and connected. It helps to keep track of meetings, reminders, and deadlines, making it an awesome resource for planning out workdays. Did you know that you can even create a calendar in Google Slides? In this guide tutorial, we’ll show you how you can make a calendar in Google Slides.

To start, sign in to your Google account and create a blank presentation. Since templates are not available yet on this application, you can name it to what you need it to be. For now, let’s call this Google Slide file “Monthly Calendar.” Then, delete the text boxes and go to the file tab. Select page layout to fit the calendar into a letter-sized paper. Select custom and change it to 11 by 8.5 inches. Then click apply.

Next, create a table. From the insert menu, select table and simply pull the cursor across the squares. Since we are making a monthly calendar, let’s add 7 by 8 squares. Resize the calendar that best suits your needs.

In adding the name of the month, select the first row then right-click and choose merge cells to create a single space for a header. You can format or customize the text and enter the name of the month. In this example, we would use the month January of 2022. Then you can begin formatting the table. Add the names of the week, and you can even change its font, font size, font color, and even the alignment. Also, resize the row of the names of the week.

Add in the days, and you can also customize its font, font size, font color, and even the alignment. To copy a slide on your calendar, simply right-click on the slide, then duplicate slide, and just change the month and the dates. You can try customizing your calendar by throwing in some slides between each month by inserting a new slide. Then, go to insert tab and select pictures.

By following these simple steps, you’ve now created a monthly calendar in Google Slides. It’s a great way to stay organized and on top of important dates and deadlines.